Let’s face it; raising money for a mission trip, new church van or sanctuary can be downright hard work – and monotonous.  Church fundraising doesn’t have to be boring or labor intensive with fundraising cards!  Of course, many church members enjoy putting together cook books, holding gigantic yard sales on the church grounds and bake sales.  However, church fundraising can be far more profitable when you throw an additional money generating product into the mix.

Church fundraising usually starts out with a bang; everyone is excited and wants to participate, then as the years roll by it dwindles down to a select few who seem to be stuck with the responsibility, usually those ‘solid’ members of the church who don’t want old traditions to fall by the wayside.  Fundraising cards let those committed members of the church keep up the old traditions, while giving the younger group a fun way to get involved.

Here are a few great ideas if you’re looking for something new and fresh that will entice more church members to get involved in your efforts to raise money:

Services – There are countless ways to raise money through offering services to your local community.  Some ideas include washing cars (an old stand-by), cleaning businesses and/or homes, mowing lawns, picking up limbs, sticks and other debris to clean up a property, even running errands for elderly individuals who cannot get out and about on their own.


Sales – Sales have long been a staple in church fundraising; many of the common products that have been offered over the years include candles, candy bars, cookie dough, jerky and baked goods such as cookies and cakes.  If your congregation prefers to go the sales route rather than offering services, consider fundraising cards.  They’re super-easy to sell because of the value to the customer, and hugely profitable.  Plus, it’s easy for those who participate to take the cards with them everywhere they go, since they’re not bulky or cumbersome.

Fun events – Most churches enjoy hosting events to raise money, not only because of the profitability, but the fellowship and opportunity for the community to get together.  Carnivals, talent shows, auctions, dinner banquets, raffles and church plays are just a few ideas you can toss around.

Whether your group prefers to offer services, sell products or hold various events to raise money for the church or youth group, it’s always a good idea to use fundraising cards in conjunction with the other things you do.  For just $10, customers enjoy savings on goods and services in your local area for an entire year – and considering the economy, everyone wants to save money.

Your church fundraising efforts can actually benefit the entire community while helping you raise the money you need for your project.  Customers save on things they normally spend money on, merchants benefit because new customers will come in to enjoy the discounts, and your church reaps

great profits.  Whether you decide to sell the cards on their own or combine them with the other activities you choose to engage in to raise money, you will definitely see that you raise the money you need faster than ever before.

Church fundraising really can be fun, and it really doesn’t have to be an enormous amount of work if you choose fundraising cards as your primary method of raising money.  If your group is growing tired of doing the same old thing every time there is a need for funds, consider making a simple change.  You’ll see that far more people want to participate, and the results are phenomenal!

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