When you think about it, most methods churches rely on to raise funds can be a real chore.  Bake sales, car washes, spaghetti suppers, developing a church cookbook, multi-family yard sales – all of these things require a substantial amount of work and effort.  Church fundraising really doesn’t have to be so much work, and in fact can be far more profitable!  How?  With fundraising or spirit cards, which we will explain below.

 Church fundraising can really be a lot of fun, and a whole lot more profitable with these cards, which offer discount savings and buy-one-get-one-free offers at merchants in your own local community.  Customers get to enjoy substantial savings at their favorite merchants for an entire year, and they’re happy to buy the card at $10 because a) they’re helping support your group’s needs, and b) they know they will save a lot of money for the duration of time before the card expires.  Of course you don’t have to completely do away with those other methods of fundraising you’ve relied on for years, but using the cards in conjunction with your other activities can be way more profitable!

Think of all of the work involved with the usual fundraising activities.  Bake sales require a lot of work, when you think about it.  Someone has to do all of the baking, which costs money.  Once all of the pies, cakes, and cookies are done, there is wrapping to be done, then pricing.  Once it’s all ready to go, those in your church must transport all of the baked goods, along with a few tables and chairs, to the location where you will be offering up those yummy treats.  When it’s all over with, breaking it all down, loading back up and taking the tables, chairs, and other supplies back to where they came from.  After all of this, how much profit do you really end up with?  Church fundraising is often fun, but when it comes to how much money you really make in the end – well, it isn’t always so profitable.

With fundraising or spirit cards, all you need to do is  order the number of cards you think you will need.  This will depend on the  number of people who will actually do the selling; usually, one person can easily sell at least 10 cards.  Once they arrive, your group can begin selling, which is easy.  Sell door to door in the community, offer the cards at sporting events, school, church, at work, literally anywhere you go!  No awkward boxes to lug around, simply tuck the cards away in a wallet, pocket, fanny pack or purse.  Now THIS  is the way church fundraising should be done!

Just how profitable is it, really?  Depending on the number of cards ordered and sold by your group, you can raise $1,000, $15,000 or more, and profit margins go higher depending on the number of cards ordered.  If your church has a large attendance and you have 50 who will participate in the selling, you should order at least 500 cards.  At a profit of $7 per card, if all 500 are sold you will raise $3,500 – have you ever raised that much money with a bake sale, and with so little effort?  Have 100 who will participate, order 1,000 cards (you get 200 free with every 1,000 ordered) and enjoy profits of $10,000.  Absolutely incredible.

Now you see why we say church fundraising doesn’t have to be a real chore, because it doesn’t!  Use them on their own, or combine them with all of those other activities you enjoy if you don’t want to give up the fun and fellowship.  Either way, you’re going to see that raising funds is far easier than you ever imagined.


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