Although spirit cards have been around for ages, it’s amazing that some groups and organizations still have not tried them when fundraising time rolls around.  School clubs and organizations, church groups, sports teams, the school PTA – there are countless organizations that could benefit tremendously through using spirit cards.  If you haven’t tried them out yet, you may not realize all of the advantages or the huge profit potential.  You may find the facts below interesting, particularly if you are looking for an easy, almost fool-proof way to raise a large sum of money quickly.
Here’s what you may or may not know:CHAPBack
Making the sale is easy.  How easy is it to sell cookie dough these days?  Considering they’re not really a “necessity” and a lot of people are living on limited budgets, most don’t let go of their hard-earned money easily.  Spirit cards offer incredible value to the customer, which they realize once they see all of the great “deals” at local merchants listed on the backs of the cards.  Because they can save money over a one year time period from the date of purchase, they know that they will save far more than the $10 they spend on the card.  Additionally, the great deals and money-saving offers are on products and services that most people consider normal, everyday purchases like hair cut/coloring at the local salon, fast food/restaurants, car services/oil changes, family activities, even the local florist. When the customer sees the real value in something, it makes the selling super-easy!
You really DON’T have to work for weeks or months to prepare for your fundraiser.  Think about the work involved in creating a church cookbook, or even holding a church bake sale.  Even selling candy bars or cookie dough has its drawbacks, considering the boxes you have to transport back and forth from here to there, storage issues, and spoilage concerns in hot, humid months.  And catalog sales?  That’s a whole other story, and can be a nightmare if orders aren’t processed correctly.  With spirit cards, you simply decide on which merchants in the local community you want to participate, and once they commit you’re ready to have the cards printed up, shipped to you, and start selling.  The card company can even handle the work of contacting the merchants if you prefer.
Greater profits in weeks, not months.  With spirit cards, the profit margins are truly incredible, particularly if you have a larger group who will join in the selling.  While profits start out at $5 per card, the more you 
moneyorder and sell, the higher the profits go.  In fact, you could easily find that your group earns $7, $8 or more per card which adds up fast in comparison to making $1 or two on a chocolate candy bar. As we have already mentioned, the selling is easy – which means between customers’ eagerness to buy and huge profit margins, you can raise the amount of money you need far quicker than with other fundraising methods.  The old saying “Work smarter, not harder” certainly holds true in this case!
Are spirit cards a fundraising method you should consider?  Unless you just like to work extra-hard for less profit, absolutely!  Give it a try for yourself, you will be convinced in no time at all of the power of these handy little cards. 

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