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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, no doubt you have heard of church fundraising cards.  Maybe you haven’t tried them out because you were unsure of the results or afraid that you would lose money.  Sometimes it’s easier to keep doing the same old things we’ve always done – and keep getting the same old results.  We like things that are “safe”, and that we are familiar with.  Changing horses can be a bit uncomfortable, but once you actually use church fundraising cards and see what a difference they make, you’ll be a believer for life.

“Okay”, you’re saying, “so what’s so great about church fundraising cards that makes them any better than other products our church has sold to raise money”?  There are several things that make these cards far and above the best product you have ever offered to customers.  First, they offer real value that you just don’t find with jerky, candy bars, candles and cookie dough.  Second, they are highly profitable for your church, so you will be able to raise the funds you need much faster.  Third, the savings on the card are redeemable at local merchants in your own area, so essentially you are helping support your own neighborhood as well.

Now we’ll cover the points one by one.  Church fundraising cards offer incredible value to the customer, which means they’re more likely to make a purchase than they would be if you were selling $12/box cookie dough.  The price of the card to the customer is $10, and the cards offer savings at 10 to 15 various merchants in your area.  These discounts and savings may be on food, fitness, maintenance for the car, flowers, family entertainment – any goods or services in your area.  The customer can use the card for one year from the date of purchase, which means that they will save far more than they paid for the card.  This is real value, and not a waste of good money as so many other fundraising products are today.

Now to the second point, which you’ll no doubt find interesting. Profits, which is what you are looking for when you hold a fundraiser for the needs of your church or youth group.  Suppose you need $1,200 to put up a concrete slab and basketball goal because you have many teens in the church.  Can you imagine how long it would take to raise that kind of money with cookie dough or jerky?  With church fundraising cards, all your group has to sell to make $1,200 profit is 250 cards!  Considering each person on average can easily sell about 10 cards, hand them out to 25 people and when sold, you’ve got all of the money you need to complete your project.  In a word, amazing.

Now we come to the third and final point, although there are many more benefits that church fundraising cards offer.  Since the discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers are good at local merchants, this helps stimulate business.  When a customer buys a card, they are likely to use the discounts offered on the card, which means they may visit a restaurant, fast food joint or car care center they have never used before.  If they enjoyed the food or felt they got good service from the merchant, they will likely go back again.  The merchant has the potential to not only attract new customers, but to grow his business – which is good for your local economy.

Have we answered your question about church fundraising cards?  Yes, they really are great, but until you (your church) try them for yourself, you won’t be able to truly understand just how much better fundraising can be.

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Easy Church Fundraising

Church fundraising cards are really the go-to product when you need to raise substantial funds for your church or youth needs and stimulate your local economy as well.  As far as we can tell, no other product offers the profit potential and support of the local community like church fundraising cards do.  There are so many benefits, it’s doubtful we will get to all of them in this article.

First of all, let’s talk about the profitability of church fundraising cards.  You may need to raise $500 for your project, or $20,000, but either way this is the best route to take.  You may wonder why this product is number one when it comes to fundraisers, and that’s easy to explain.  In today’s economic climate, many people just do not have extra money to spend; therefore, they won’t spend on candy bars, popcorn and cookie dough like they once did.  Church fundraising cards offer savings and buy-one-get-one-free offers on many services and products in the customer’s local area, which is something they can really use when money is tight.

Now you know why these cards are so popular, even in prosperous times – everyone loves to save money, especially when the savings are on those things they would have purchased anyway!  Let’s get to the profits now, which is likely what interests you most since you do need to raise money for your cause.  Church fundraising cards offer huge profit margins; in fact, you can have profits margins that are actually higher than 100%, due to the fact that for every 1000 cards you order you get 200 free.  Here is an example of what you can expect with this amazing fundraiser product:

Order just 300 cards, and you can expect profit margins of 50% – or a whopping $1500!  How much money would your group have earned for selling 300 candy bars, maybe $300 to $450 tops?

Now, suppose your group can sell 1,000 church fundraising cards, which is easy if you have about 90 or 100 participating.  At 1,000 cards, your profit margin is 100% and your group raises $10,000 to go toward your needs!  By now, you should have a clear picture of what these amazing little cards can do for your group.

Back to the other topic of our article; how do the cards help the customers local community?  That’s an easy one to answer as well.  Since the cards contain offers on the back that are available mostly at local merchants, the money the customer spends on these offers stays in their own community.  In addition to that, the merchants grow their business through new customers!  Many people will use the cards at a merchant they have never patronized before, simply because they are getting a great deal.  This means a potential new life-time customer for the merchant, so you can see how it stimulates the economy and helps businesses flourish.

Simply put, church fundraising cards are the answer to your prayers whether your project calls for only a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands.  When you want exceptional results for your efforts, you now know how to get them!

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Easy Church Fundraising

If you have ever used church fundraising cards in your efforts to raise money for any project, you know how easy it is.  If your group has never used them, you’re in for a real surprise once you realize just what the benefits are.  Many activities that are commonly used to raise money are a lot of work, and the results can often be dismal.  Some of the well-known fundraising products are great, but the profit margins are often not what you would wish for.  Add to that the fact that in a down-turned economy people really hesitate about spending money on things they don’t really need, and it becomes hard to raise the amount of money you need for your project, especially if it is a substantial amount.  This is where church fundraising cards come in!

Okay, so you’re one of the groups who have never tried church fundraising cards.  What’s so great about them, and why would you want to use them the next time you need to raise money?  These cards carry offers from a dozen to 15 merchants on the back, all offering discounts and buy one get one free offers.  Since they are designed to be used at national and local merchants in your own area, it helps support your own local economy – which is important when times are tough.

Probably the best thing about church fundraising cards is that they offer the customer real value that they can see for themselves, unlike candy bars and popcorn.  People want to save money today; if they can buy a card for $10 bucks and save ten times that amount or more over a one year period, they will snap for it because they see the money-saving potential.  If you were to present two products to a neighbor or someone in your area, a candy bar and a discount card, chances are they would choose the card because 1) they will experience savings for one year, and 2) they won’t spend $2 or more on something that will be eaten and gone in 10 minutes with nothing to show for it.

Church fundraising cards also offer incredibly high profit margins, which is another reason they are the number one item used for church fundraisers today.  Depending on the size of your church and how many will participate, you can expect to profit margins of anywhere from 50% to over 100%.  How could your profit margins be greater than 100%?  Because for every 1000 cards ordered, you get 200 at no cost to you.

Typically, one person can easily sell 10 or more discount cards, so if you have a group of 50 in your church who plan to participate, you can estimate that you will sell at the very least 500 cards.  This means that you will be at a 70% profit margin, or in other words your church will make $3,500.  Church fundraising cards are the way to go whenever you need to raise money, but particularly when you need to raise a substantial amount, such as tens of thousands of dollars.  Have 100 people that will participate?  You can expect a total profit of $10,000 – and think how far that would go toward the new youth gym or fellowship hall!

Whether members of your church are getting tired of the same old fundraisers and all of the work involved, or you’re just ready to try a fresh new approach, try church fundraising cards.  You will see that there is very little work involved; in fact, the company you purchase the cards from will contact merchants in your local area – all you have to do is account for who has how many cards in your group, and you’re ready to roll!  Simply put, without a doubt you will find the results you achieve with church fundraising cards amazing.

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Easy Church Fundraising

If you have never used church fundraising cards in your efforts to raise money for any cause or project, you will use them time and again once you see the exceptional results that can be achieved.  Nothing can bring your spirits down faster than working yourself to death only to raise a small portion of the money you need.  Sure, all of the bake sales, yard sales and car washes are fun, but when it comes down to the wire it’s hard to raise a substantial amount of money with these activities.

Church fundraising cards are different in many ways from the other common products you may have sold in the past.  If you’re looking for something new that will add the spark and excitement back to your fundraising efforts, read on.

Everyone knows that for the past couple of years the economy has not been in good shape.  People have lost their jobs; money is tight, and most are not willing to spend on anything that isn’t necessary or doesn’t offer value.  Church fundraising cards offer incredible value to the customer, so they are much more likely to buy.  After all, how much value can be found in a $2 candy bar or $12 box of cookie dough today?  Not much, and certainly not enough for those with very little money to spare to spend what little they have left.

Church fundraising cards typically offer savings at 12 to 15 local merchants in your own community; customers can save on food, oil changes, hair cuts, movie rentals, and other goods and services offered locally.  Even in the toughest economic times, people still have to eat and have their cars serviced.  Church fundraising cards allow them to purchase the things they would have bought regardless, but at a discounted price.  This means far more sales for your group, and better than average profits, which we will get to now.

Just how profitable are church fundraising cards?  You will be absolutely shocked when you realize just how easy it is to raise hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  Whereas with candy bars you would likely have had to sell 1,000 to make $500 or $1,000 in profits, to make this same amount of money with the cards you would only have to sell about 200 – and no, that is not a misprint!  The profit margins will absolutely astound you, and the value provided by the product is simply unmatched.

You can only imagine the profits you might experience if you have a large group that will be participating in the fundraiser.  On average, one individual will sell about 10 to 15 church fundraising cards.  So, let’s just say you have 40 people who will be participating; that means easy sales of 400 to 600 cards, which means $2,000 to $4,200!  After being involved in all of the usual activities and products year after year, this probably seems almost unbelievable – but it’s absolutely true, and easily accomplished.

Now that you see just how much value is offered to the customer and how high your profits can soar, maybe you will consider church fundraising cards for the next go round!  One thing’s for certain – you won’t find any other product that offers results like this, and makes your work so much easier.

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Easy Church Fundraising

If you have not yet tried church fundraising cards in your efforts to raise the money needed for your cause or projects, you will be amazed at what these little wallet-sized cards can do!  There aren’t many fundraising activities or products that benefit everyone in your community, but this one does.  The profits are amazing, and the selling is easy; if you have never really given much thought to church fundraising cards, there has never been a better time than right now.  Why?

Everyone knows the economy is in a slump; people just do not have the money to spend on frivolous things that are not essential.  Church fundraising cards may not be called essential, but they do offer substantial savings on food, services, activities and ordinary things that most people spend money on even when times are hard.  Unlike cookie dough and catalog items, these cards offer real monetary value to the customer, so they’re much more likely to buy.  Right now is when people are looking to save money in every area possible, which is why you should consider adding church fundraising cards to your list of money makers.

Earlier, we mentioned how this product helps benefit the community as a whole, so how does this work?  We’ve already talked about how church fundraising cards benefit the citizens that live in your area by saving them money; what about the merchants?  You realize that when businesses in your area start closing down due to lack of business, it affects the economy of your community.  People may have to move to find work; the economy isn’t stimulated and this is not good news.

Church fundraising cards actually help drive new business to your local merchants, so that they can thrive no matter what shape the economy is in!  Those people who buy the cards and use them will likely patronize businesses they have never dealt with before; if they like the product or service provided, those merchants have a new customer.  Now you see how the families and businesses in the community benefit by the purchase and use of the cards, but what about the church?

Considering there is little to no planning or preparation involved, the congregation of your church will be more apt to get involved with fundraising.  Church fundraising cards are the mot profitable item you will find today for raising money; in fact, you can experience profit margins that are higher than 100% when you sell a large amount! Do you have a large congregation?  Those who have a regular attendance of 100 to 200 people can expect nearly unbelievable results; in fact, with only that many people selling, you can easily raise $10,000 to nearly $20,000 in pure profit.  There aren’t many products that can boast profits of that level – in fact, we can’t think of a single one!

The great thing about church fundraising cards is that you can use them right along side the bake sales, car washes, yard sales and other activities you normally participate in.  Even used on their own, you will see that unless you really just want to carry on with those other fundraising traditions, you really don’t have to anymore!  Try them out; we believe that once you see for yourself the power of church fundraising cards, you will become a fan for life.  Do you know of any other product or activity that helps so many people in your own backyard?

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Easy Church Fundraising

Have you been involved in many church fundraising activities and events over the years? If you haven’t tried church fundraising cards yet, you will be amazed at just how easy raising money for your cause or project can be.  It only makes sense that your group wants to raise the biggest amount of money with the least effort; church fundraising cards are the ideal item, and very little work is involved.  Like the old adage “why try to reinvent the wheel”, the same goes for raising funds for your group – why work harder to make less money, when you can work less and earn incredible profits?

There are so many ways you can use church fundraising cards in order to raise the money you need, both online and off.  Most churches hold their activities at the church, have bake sales on the parking lot of the local supermarket, or sell products such as candles, popcorn and other goods door to door.  The possibilities with church fundraising cards are literally endless!  Sell them on their own, or in conjunction with other products you are selling.  When you have a car wash or bake sale, offer them to your customer.

These cards are easy to carry around; designed very similar to a credit card, you can carry them in your wallet, pocket or purse so that you have them with you anywhere you may go.  This makes it easy to offer them to anyone, whether you’re eating dinner at a popular restaurant in town or shopping at your local supermarket – who knows who you may run in to!  The convenience and ease offered by church fundraising cards are one reason that they are one of the most popular items used for raising money today.

You can see how easy it would be to sell the cards at any time; unlike candy bar boxes and cookie dough, church fundraising cards can go anywhere you go!  Sell them online for even more profits, and no website is required – just mention them to your friends on Facebook or Twitter, and there is no telling how many sales you may make.  The economy is not in a good place right now, and everyone could use the opportunity to save some cash.

Now that you know how you can sell them, you may want to know what makes church fundraising cards to irresistible to churches, schools and other non-profit organizations.  The answer to that is easy – they’re super profitable!  They also offer something that most people are looking for today, which is the opportunity to save money on food, services and good they would normally purchase anyway.  It’s just a winning situation for everyone involved, from your church to the customer to the merchants of your local community.

Just how profitable are church fundraising cards?  Even for small groups, they are incredibly profitable at a 50% profit margin when you sell only 250 cards.  The more cards your group is capable of selling, the higher the profits soar.  For example, a very large church having 300 or 400 members could easily reach $10,000 in profits, if only 100 of those members participated.  When compared to the money you normally raise with candy bars or cookie dough, there is just no comparison – and it’s so much easier!

Great product, incredible value, exceptional profits and support all around for everyone involved.  Isn’t it time you find out for yourself why church fundraising cards are the number one choice for gathering the funds you need?

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Easy Church Fundraising

No doubt by now you have heard of church fundraising cards – but has your church actually used them in your efforts to raise money?  If the answer is no, you simply cannot realize the amazing profits and benefits your church is missing out on.  In this article, we will describe some of the incredible aspects of church fundraising cards, and why you need to break down and experience the results for yourself.  Of course, by the time you learn exactly what can be accomplished with this popular and enduring fundraising product, we won’t have to convince you to give them a try!

Here are a few facts about church fundraising cards from various angles:

From the customers point of view – To the customer, church fundraising cards offer real value, which is something you do not find with candy bars, candles, and other common products frequently used in fundraisers.  Since the cards offer discounts and buy one get one free offers on products and services available in the customers own community, they experience substantial savings over a one year time period, and the card costs them only $10!  This is particularly important right now, as many people are out of work and need to save money every way possible.

From the merchants point of view – Church fundraising cards normally offer savings at 12 to 15 different merchants, many of them local to the community. When someone purchases a card, there are often savings and discounts listed at merchants that person may not have spent money with before.  The buyer of the card decides to try out the service or product, whether it’s a burger with free fries or a 20% discount on an oil change.  This means that the merchant has a potential new customer who will possibly come back again and again!  Merchants win with church fundraising cards because they have the opportunity to build their customer base and attract new clients.

From your (the church’s) perspective – Here is the part that is really impressive, and will help you understand why you should give church fundraising cards a try.  The profit margins are huge, more so than any product you have probably used in your fundraiser efforts.  You already know that people love them because of the incredible value they offer; now you can put two and two together:  When you have a product that’s easy to sell AND offers high profitability, it means that you can literally bring in the amount of  money you need for your project in record time!

Whether you have a small or large group of participants, you will be stunned when you realize how easy this is; when combined with other products and activities you normally use to raise money, the results are outstanding!  Use them alone or in conjunction with what you already do – the ways that you can put church fundraising cards to use are endless.  Truthfully, the only limits to what you can do with these popular money-savings cards is your own imagination.

You may need a few hundred dollars for a new basketball goal for the youth group, or you may need tens of thousands for a big project.  Either way, church fundraising cards should be an essential part of your efforts to raise money.  Having read the above, can you see how these amazing little cards work to support the entire community as a whole?  Now it’s your turn to see just what can be accomplished when you choose a great product!

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Easy Church Fundraising

Yes, car washes, yard sales and bingo can be fun, and many parishioners get involved – but do they make enough money  to make a huge difference or to be able to replace a roof or refinish the pews??  Perhaps consider adding fundraiser cards to the mix. By participating in both types of activities, you will have still have fun and share fellowship While at the same time Increasing your fundraising profits, Building bonds through creating something substantial and also building ties within the community … oh did I mention the huge margins ?

Church fundraising cards are so easy to sell, and there is little work involved so they are the perfect complement to cook book sales and other activities the church may get involved in to raise funds for their needs.  Consider them the “bonus” on top of whatever you make through auctions, talent shows, donations and all of those common methods of bringing extra money in for those projects.  People do tend to get tired of the planning and work that go in to fundraisers, but then they do it all over again the next time because after all – it is ultimately fun, and it does help raise some money.  With church fundraising cards added in the mix, raising a substantial amount of money becomes much easier.

In a way, you can actually enjoy those other activities you participate in more because you won’t be so worried about the selling end of things.  You know the church fundraising cards will allow you to bring in a considerable amount of cash, so you can relax and enjoy yourself a bit more.  Bake sales offer the perfect opportunity for visiting with people you know in your community; they also offer a great opportunity to offer church fundraising cards!

That’s the beauty of these incredible cards.  No matter what else you may be doing to raise money, they can be included right along with the other products or activities you are involved in.  Church fundraising cards offer incredible value to the customer, which in turn makes them easy to sell.  Who doesn’t want to save money on haircuts, flowers, fast foods, movie rentals and those other products or services you normally spend money on anyway?  You will find that when you have church fundraising cards on display while you are selling your baked goods or cookbooks, you will generate a lot of interest – and sales.

Most people can afford $10, especially when they realize how much they will save over a one year time period.  Do customers perceive candy bars and cookie dough to be of great value?  Not likely – and they know that after they spend $2 or $3, it will be over the lips and straight to the tummy in no time, which means there will be nothing left to show for the money they spent.  With church fundraising cards, people realize that they are supporting the needs of your church, their own local community, and most of all – their own need to save money and stay within their own budget.  It is really the best solution all the way around, not only for your money needs but for the customer and the merchants in your own area.

Why not mix things up a bit?  The next time your church participates in product sales or other activities in order to gather the funds you need for those repairs, new church vans or youth trips, add church fundraising cards to whatever else you have to offer!  People recognize incredible savings and real value when they see it; the selling will be a non-issue, as these cards sell themselves.  Have fun doing those activities that are traditions in your church, and raise the money you need in far less time – the perfect scenario for profits and good times.

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

If you haven’t witnessed the amazing results that church fundraising cards yield for your projects, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to not only raise the money you need easily, but to get more people in your church involved.  It’s natural for people to get tired of the “same old thing.”  Bake sales, car washes, multiple-family yard sales, candy bars – these things all have their place, and are effective for raising money – but church fundraising cards are so much better!

Everyone in your church would be much more willing to participate if they knew they had a product that is easy to sell – and that requires far less work.  Can you imagine how easy it is to carry these wallet-sized cards around in your purse or pocket?  With church fundraising cards, you have an opportunity to sell wherever you are; at school, work, at the local grocery store, or even when you dine out.  It’s just so much easier when you don’t have heavy boxes to lug around, or catalogs and order forms to keep up with.

Another reason those in your church will be excited about any project is that the profit margins are incredible with church fundraising cards; therefore, it takes far fewer sales to equal or exceed what you would have made with other products.  These cards are truly incredible; not only does the customer get a great deal, the entire local community gets extra support.  The offers you typically find on the back of the cards are savings and discounts at merchants in your own neighborhood, so they really benefit everyone which is not something you can say about every product used today for fundraising purposes.

Sure, bake sales and other group activities are great – they allow the members of the church to get together and have a good time.  However, some people just don’t want to get involved because of the planning and preparation necessary; and with the busy lives most people live today, they just don’t have the time.  Church fundraising cards are great to use all on their own, or combined with any other activities you want to do to raise the money you need for your project.

How do you get started with this fantastic opportunity?  Simply contact the company that is responsible for putting the church fundraising cards together.  They will normally contact your local merchants for you, design the cards with your logo or organization name on the front, and ship them to you.  In some cases, you don’t even have to pay for the cards upfront!  It is truly an incredible opportunity for your church; people of all ages can participate, from the elementary age children to the elderly.

Here’s a quick question:  How many candy bars would you have to sell to raise $1,250 – 800, 1000 or more?  With church fundraising cards, you can make this amount of money simply by selling 250 cards!  If you have 30 or 40 in your group that want to participate, you can far exceed that amount; in fact, with this many people you could nearly triple that amount.  By now, it should be sinking in just how profitable – and easy – it is to raise the money you need, without all of the hard work. Ready to give church fundraising cards a try?

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

Church fundraising cards offer you a way to raise the funds you need and actually have fun doing it!  If you’ve been through the bake sales, car washes, yard sales and candy bars a dozen times, you’re probably ready for something different.  After so many years of doing the same old things, people lose interest and it can be hard to persuade very many in your church to participate.  Sure, those faithful few are always willing to pitch in and do  whatever they can, but you could see much greater participation – which could potentially mean increased profits.  Church fundraising cards are a fun way to raise the money you need for any church project, whether you need a new sanctuary or something as simple as a basketball net for the kids to enjoy.

It’s not to say you should stop all of those old “stand-by’s” that your church has been doing for years, like the bake sales and car washes; after all, these are all great ways for the members of your church to get together and fellowship.  Whether you go forward with old traditions or not, church fundraising cards are a great addition to any other methods you use, or a spectacular stand-alone way to raise funds.  If you have very little experience with this method and need to know more before you decide if it’s for you, here are a few of the great benefits of church fundraising cards:

1.  They’re affordable – and truly valuable.  These credit-card sized wonders sell easily, because they cost only $10.  Customers realize the value of the cards, since they offer incredible savings on a multitude of products/services at local merchants.

2.  They’re easy for those participating to keep up with.  Unlike candy bars, cookie dough and catalog sales, these handy cards fit right in a pocket or wallet; this means no lugging heavy boxes around, no keeping up with order forms, and no distributing products after the order comes in.  The customer buys the product, your participants take the money and deliver the goods right on the spot.

3.  Hardly any planning involved – this is a BIG one!  Many fundraisers require a great deal of preparation and planning, but you won’t find this with church fundraising cards!  You simply contact the company selling the cards, and they do the rest.  The company will contact those merchants in your own local area, print up the cards with your church’s name or logo on the front, and ship them to your door!  All you need to do is account for them so that you know who in your group has the cards, and how many they have.

4.  Extreme profits!  This is perhaps the most important benefit of church fundraising cards.  Who wouldn’t want to raise as much money as possible in the least amount of time, without going through all of the back-breaking work and preparation?  Profit margins range from 50% to well over 100%, depending on the number of cards you purchase.  Even if you only order 500 cards, your profits are $3,500!  A group of 30 or 40 people could easily reach this level, and perhaps more depending on how many each person sells.  Imagine what a group of 70 or 80 could do – the profits are amazing.

Church fundraising cards work so well because they support not only the needs of your church, but the community as a whole.  Right now, economic times are tough – which means many people just don’t have a lot of money to spend.  The cards provide them with a way to save money, something important in these times; even better, the local community is supported since money is spent with those merchants in your own neighborhood.  When it’s time to give your fundraising methods a little make-over, this is a great way to do something easy and enjoyable, and to get those in your church excited about helping out!

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising