groupSports teams, school and church groups, PTA organizations and many others use spirit cards to raise money, something that many groups have to do when donations from individuals and businesses are slow.  There are so many benefits to using these cards versus other methods commonly used to raise funds, some of which we’ll mention below.  Fundraising can be easy and fun, or it can be a dreaded task that requires tons of planning and work.  Essentially, it’s whatever you make of it!

So, what are the advantages of using spirit cards over other fundraising methods for organizations in need of money?  Here are just a few:

Profitability.  Sure, any product your group chooses to sell has some profit, but just how much?  For instance, if you sell candy bars at $2 each, your organization might enjoy $1 per bar profit.  This means that in order to raise $1,300, your group would have to sell 1,300 candy bars.  However, with spirit cards it’s far easier to raise $1,300 and it can be quickly accomplished, too.  Sell 260 cards (which can be easily done if you have just 20 or 25 in your group), and you’ve made that $1,300 in no time flat.  Why is it quicker to raise a certain amount of money than with other products?  Because of the value perceived by the customer, which makes the cards a much easier sell than most other “non-essential” products.

church youth fundraising

 Easy process involves little preparation or work.  Think about all of the preparation involved in some of the other fundraising methods you may have used.  Bake sales, multiple-family yard sales, spaghetti suppers, catalog sales – it goes on and on.  Even selling other products like cookie dough, jerky and popcorn isn’t easy, as with some you have to take orders, collect money, then deliver the goods at a later date.  With candy bars, lugging boxes around gets old and can be quite cumbersome.

With spirit cards, you simply figure out how many cards you will need by determining how many people will participate in the selling, order your cards from the company creating them, and start selling when they arrive!  If
you would rather not contact the merchants yourself to ask if they would be interested in participating, the company will do that for you.

Repeat customers each year.  Those who buy the cards often buy them year after year, because they offer great deals and money-saving offers at local merchants.  Most people recognize a bargain, and would much rather spend money on a product that actually helps them save money than on something they really don’t need or want.  Sure, some people will buy jerky or cookie dough simply to help out your group or organization, but it’s usually out of the goodness of their hearts rather than a real need for the product.  Spirit cards actually offer value and the opportunity for the customer to save a lot of money on things they would normally purchase on a regular basis.

fundraisingWhen you’re in a quandary and looking for a way to raise funds that is easier and more profitable than anything your group has ever done before, consider spirit cards.  It’s clear to see the advantages over other common methods used to raise funds!  Your organization will love the ease, customers will love the savings, merchants will love the free exposure.  Overall, a good choice when you want to take the easiest, most profitable route to the funds your group needs.

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