Spirit cards have long been a reliable way for football, soccer, and basketball teams to raise funds when they need them.  However, these fundraising cards aren’t limited to sports teams only – cheerleaders, the drill team, the school band and other groups use them as well, as they’re a super-easy way to raise a substantial amount of money in a relatively short period of time.  If your grade school, junior high or high school club or sports team is looking for something different and reliable, count on spirit cards!

If you’re not familiar with them, here is some information that will enlighten you about this long-time favorite method for raising funds.

Easy selling.  Most kids and teens aren’t too keen on selling a product that’s going to really take some salesmanship.  Unless you’re a car salesman, it’s natural not to like the feeling that you are “shoving” a product down a potential customer’s throat.  With spirit cards, the selling is easy because the cards are clearly valuable to the customer, who is glad to buy without much persuasion.  The cards offer substantial discount savings on fast foods, car services, hair salon services, and other products/services that most people spend money on regularly, what you would consider necessary purchases and not frivolous.

Little planning or work involved.  Let’s face it; for the most part, kids don’t like to do things that involve a substantial amount of planning or work.  Just give them the product, and let them sell it wherever they like, whether it’s at ball games, at the mall, at the movies, around the neighborhood or community, or wherever they “hang out.”  With spirit cards, the kids don’t have to spend a lot of physical labor like is usually the case with car washes and other fundraising methods.

Amazing profit margins.  If yours is like most schools, chances are there have been dozens of occasions over the years where various sports teams and other school clubs or organizations have sold candy bars.  Sure, candy bars are delicious and everyone loves them – but just how much money can you raise at $1.50 or $2.00 per candy bar?  Not to mention you leave the box sitting somewhere, come back in a bit and a few of the bars are missing, meaning someone has to pay for what has mysteriously disappeared.  With spirit cards, the profit margins are truly incredible, and since the kids can tuck them away in a pocket, wallet, or even a backpack, there is little chance of any of the cards going missing.

At $10 per card, your sports team or group will enjoy at a minimum $5 per card profit – and that is if you only order and sell a small number of cards.  Order more, and the profits continue to grow; in fact, you can actually enjoy profit margins that are greater than 100%, due to the fact that you get 200 free cards for every 1,000 you order.

Are you now convinced that your sports team or other school organization should give spirit cards a try?  There truly is nothing easier, more profitable, or that customers are willing to buy without hesitation.  When you’re dealing with small children or teenagers, the easier something is, the better the results – and the more the kids will want to get involved.

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