Church fundraising activities are fun, that’s certainly true – but they can get old after a while, particularly those that require a ton of work, or that it seems the same people get stuck with again and again, such as what typically pancake breakfasthappens with bake sales.  The common methods used to raise money for the church youth group or other church needs include bake sales, a multiple family yard sale, car washes, church cookbooks, spaghetti suppers, pancake breakfasts, and on and on.  If you’re ready for something easy, profitable, and fun, why not try discount cards?

These cards are ideal for church fundraising, primarily because they’re easy to sell and hugely profitable.  People always have and always will look for ways to save money, which is exactly what they enjoy with these money-saving cards.  The discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers allow the card bearer to enjoy savings on all of those purchases that are so ordinary, such as a burger and fries, an oil change, a hair cut, even an evening out for the family at the local bowling alley.FBSRBack

With church fundraising, there are no limits to what you can do to raise the money you need.  Even if you do decide to go ahead with the bake sale or huge yard sale, why not include discount cards?  Even as a side item, you’ll be surprised to see how easy the cards sell.  The best thing about the cards is their high profitability – your group can raise the same amount of money in just a couple of weeks as what it would take much longer to raise through other methods.  Why?  Considering your profits range from $5 to nearly $9 on a card that costs the buyer $10, it’s easy to see how the profits will rack up in a hurry.  Compare that to making a dollar or so on a candy bar, and you can see why it’s easy to raise the money you need in far less time – and with far less effort.

Now, here’s how your church fundraising can become even more successful using discount cards:

FBSRFront Have all members who want to participate to get their “extended” families involved.  For instance, young couples in the church likely have parents, children, even cousins, aunts, or uncles who can help promote the cards.  These extended family members can sell the cards at work, school functions, basketball or football games – it’s really endless how far it can go, when you think about it.

Consider posting a bulletin announcing your fundraiser at areas around town, such as the supermarket, doctor’s office, gas station, convenience stores, etc.  Every church fundraising event is more successful the more it is advertised and promoted!  Get the word out, and get as many people involved as you possibly can.

You should never give up those old stand-bys that make it possible for members of your church to get together and enjoy fellowship and fun, such as bake sales and spaghetti suppers.  However, it’s also a nice change every now and then to throw in something new, especially when you need to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time, and there’s little time to organize and plan.  This is when discount cards are ideal for church fundraising – but they’re great anytime.  Super profits, easy to sell, little work required.

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