Churches depend on donations from their members and others when a financial need arises; many also participate in church fundraising events and activities.  Some of the most common include selling candy bars/cookie dough, selling candles or jerky, bake sales, selling church cookbooks, car washes – and on and on.  After years and possibly decades of doing the same old thing, many of the individuals who participate in these church fundraising activities and functions simply get tired of it.  The truth is, it usually seems like it’s those same few individuals who take it upon themselves to see that everything is taken care of; after a while, they may become too old or face health issues that prevent them from carrying on the tradition.  This is where fundraising cards come in.

Sure, the younger generations can carry on with all of the traditional methods used in church fundraising, but many of these traditions involve a substantial amount of work.  With cookbooks, members of the church bring their favorite recipes in, then someone has to put it all together and get everything sent in to a publisher.  Once complete, members of the church sell the cookbooks to others in the community, which entails the work of distributing the cookbooks and collecting the money.  A lot of work, isn’t it?  Fundraising cards are a simpler, more profitable way to raise the funds your church or youth group needs.

Consider all of the dozens of bake sales you’ve been involved in over the years when raising money for your church.  Various ladies of the church bake their best dishes; pies, cookies, cakes, cobblers and other sumptuous fare.

Selling these delectable delights isn’t the problem – it’s getting all of the necessary things to the supermarket parking lot so that the sale can begin.  Transferring tables and chairs from the church, pricing the baked goods, then loading it all up at the end of the day and moving the furnishings back to wherever they came from.  It’s a big hassle, although a great way to fellowship and visit with customer.

So what’s so special about fundraising cards when it comes to raising the money you need to build a new sanctuary or take the teens on a special trip?  They’re easy to sell, profitable, and are suitable for all age groups in the church from the grade school kids to those older folks who are still kids at heart.  No boxes to lug around, no moving tables and chairs, no putting cookbooks together and then going around the community to deliver them and collect the money.  When it comes to church fundraising, there simply is no easier way to raise the money you need, quickly.

Fundraising cards are highly profitable, and the more your group sells the higher the profit margins.  Whether your church is small or large, there really is no other method of raising funds that compares to these value-packed cards, which customers love – particularly in this economy.  Suppose you have 25 people in your church who agree to sell the cards; on average, one person will sell 10 cards.  This means that your group will sell approximately 250 cards, which equates to a cool $1,250 in profits!  How many car washes or apple pies would your group have to sell to rake in that kind of money?

Church fundraising doesn’t have to get stale, dull, boring or to the point that it’s so much work no one wants to get involved.  Fundraising cards benefit your group, the customer, even the merchant where customers use the cards. In a nutshell, they benefit your entire community, stimulating the economy in your own backyard.  Why not try something new and refreshing when it comes to church fundraising this year?




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