Church fundraising can be fun – but it can also be a chore, particularly if the same few people offer their help year after year after year.  In most churches, it’s usually the same individuals who volunteer for nearly everything, from cooking for a special Easter dinner at church to cleaning the sanctuary on a weekly basis.  If you’re one of the ones who usually get “volunteered” for church fundraising activities – or even to oversee the whole thing – it’s time you learned about discount cards, and how they can make your work easier.

How many different ways has your church or youth group tried to raise money?  Car washes involving the teens, putting together church cook books, bake sales and multiple-family yard sales are some of the most common activities used to raise funds, and they all involve substantial work.  How much do you really raise – honestly?  Is it enough to fund your cause, or is it just a drop in the bucket in comparison to the total amount you need to build that new gym for the youth group or send all of the little ones to camp?  Maybe your church fundraising efforts are going toward building a whole new church from the ground up, in which case you’ll need tens or even hundreds of thousands, depending upon what’s already in the coffers.

With discount cards, it isn’t surprising to be able to raise tens of thousands of dollars, because of the huge profit margins and ease in selling.  Today, money is tight – especially considering the economy and now, rising gas prices with no end in sight.  With discount cards, the customer enjoys savings on things they buy every day such as food at the local fast food restaurants, hair cuts, an oil change for the car, movie rentals, and more.  These savings are good for an entire year from the date of purchase, and the cost of the card just $10 to the purchaser, so you can see how customers save a substantial amount of money.  Sure, 10% off on a burger and fries or a free shake with the purchase of one shake may not seem like a lot, but it can be if you have a large family, and particularly if you enjoy eating at those merchants’ shops often.  It all adds up!

How much you can make with discount cards for your church fundraising efforts depends largely on how many people will participate.  On average, most individuals can easily sell 10 cards, some people sell many more depending on how many people they know, where they work, whether they’re involved in local sports and other activities, etc.  The more people you tend to be around, the more cards you can usually sell.  Let’s say for example that your church is very large, with normal attendance of about 1,200.  If just 10% of the church congregation participates (120 people), you can easily rake in $12,000 – and wouldn’t that make a huge dent in the total you’re needing to raise?  It also helps that for every 1,000 cards you order, you get 200 free.

When church fundraising time rolls around again, keep discount cards in mind. Merchants enjoy participating because it helps their business grow, customers love them because they save money on things they normally buy, and your church will find that they’re one of the easiest ways to raise money ever – without all of the hard work, planning and “grumbling” from some, who complain every time they have to do a little work.  With discount cards, there is really no work involved; just offer a card up to anyone you come in contact with, and watch your funds grow right before your eyes.

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