There are dozens of popular church fundraising products and activities that churches use today to raise the money they need for various projects.  The question is, are they really that profitable when you consider the effort and time spent preparing, setting up, selling, etc.?  If you spend weeks or even months preparing for an event, get dozens of the church members involved and when it’s all over you’ve made a couple of hundred dollars, is it worth it?  Church fundraising can be much easier and far more profitable with discount cards!

It’s understandable that many churches prefer to stand by the old tried-and-true methods like bake sales, yard sales and car washes; after all, this does give members of the congregation a time to socialize and have fun.  However, church fundraising is usually done for the simple reason that you need money, so the focus should lie on profitability as well.  Depending on how much money you need to raise, there are various ways you can go about church fundraising to suit that particular project.

If you are only looking to raise $200 or $300, bake sales, cook books and the other common activities may be the way to go.  However, when it comes to projects that require the big bucks like building a new fellowship hall or sending a group of 20 or 30 kids on a week long trip, you may need to go a different route.  Discount cards are the number one church fundraising item today, and for good reason – they’re easy to sell, and they offer unbelievable profits.  Maybe it’s a good idea to determine how much money you actually need before you make a decision on how you will raise the funds.

Why are these cards so popular today for church fundraising?  To put it simply, they offer incredible value to the customer, they are within most people’s budgets at $10, they support merchants in your own community and the profitability spoke of earlier.  In hard economic times like we are currently experiencing, these cards allow the customer who spends $10 to save far more than that amount on local goods and services they would commonly spend money on regardless – and they’re good for one year, so the savings go on.

Let’s make a quick comparison so that you can see how these cards are so profitable for church fundraising. Say you have a group of 20 children and teens that are selling candy bars.  These candy bars sell for $2 each, and cost your group .50 each which means you profit $1.50 on each bar.  If you sell 200 candy bars (on average 10 per participant) your profits are $300.  On the other hand, if your group sells 200 discount cards your profits are $1,000!  Of course we realize that the cards cost $10 and the candy bar costs $2, but given the current economy most people need substantial savings when compared to a candy bar that offers no future value.

Of course you want to continue with many of the church fundraising traditions your church has been using for years; that’s totally understandable.  Why not add discount cards to the mix, or try them on their own when you need to raise a substantial amount of money?  We think you will see just how easy they are to sell, and how quickly you can raise thousands of dollars to go toward your project.  Either way, they’re a great church fundraising item, whether used in conjunction with other products or activities, or completely on their own – give them a try, you will be more than pleasantly surprised with the results!

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

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