If you have not yet tried church fundraising cards in your efforts to raise the money needed for your cause or projects, you will be amazed at what these little wallet-sized cards can do!  There aren’t many fundraising activities or products that benefit everyone in your community, but this one does.  The profits are amazing, and the selling is easy; if you have never really given much thought to church fundraising cards, there has never been a better time than right now.  Why?

Everyone knows the economy is in a slump; people just do not have the money to spend on frivolous things that are not essential.  Church fundraising cards may not be called essential, but they do offer substantial savings on food, services, activities and ordinary things that most people spend money on even when times are hard.  Unlike cookie dough and catalog items, these cards offer real monetary value to the customer, so they’re much more likely to buy.  Right now is when people are looking to save money in every area possible, which is why you should consider adding church fundraising cards to your list of money makers.

Earlier, we mentioned how this product helps benefit the community as a whole, so how does this work?  We’ve already talked about how church fundraising cards benefit the citizens that live in your area by saving them money; what about the merchants?  You realize that when businesses in your area start closing down due to lack of business, it affects the economy of your community.  People may have to move to find work; the economy isn’t stimulated and this is not good news.

Church fundraising cards actually help drive new business to your local merchants, so that they can thrive no matter what shape the economy is in!  Those people who buy the cards and use them will likely patronize businesses they have never dealt with before; if they like the product or service provided, those merchants have a new customer.  Now you see how the families and businesses in the community benefit by the purchase and use of the cards, but what about the church?

Considering there is little to no planning or preparation involved, the congregation of your church will be more apt to get involved with fundraising.  Church fundraising cards are the mot profitable item you will find today for raising money; in fact, you can experience profit margins that are higher than 100% when you sell a large amount! Do you have a large congregation?  Those who have a regular attendance of 100 to 200 people can expect nearly unbelievable results; in fact, with only that many people selling, you can easily raise $10,000 to nearly $20,000 in pure profit.  There aren’t many products that can boast profits of that level – in fact, we can’t think of a single one!

The great thing about church fundraising cards is that you can use them right along side the bake sales, car washes, yard sales and other activities you normally participate in.  Even used on their own, you will see that unless you really just want to carry on with those other fundraising traditions, you really don’t have to anymore!  Try them out; we believe that once you see for yourself the power of church fundraising cards, you will become a fan for life.  Do you know of any other product or activity that helps so many people in your own backyard?

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

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