Have you been involved in many church fundraising activities and events over the years? If you haven’t tried church fundraising cards yet, you will be amazed at just how easy raising money for your cause or project can be.  It only makes sense that your group wants to raise the biggest amount of money with the least effort; church fundraising cards are the ideal item, and very little work is involved.  Like the old adage “why try to reinvent the wheel”, the same goes for raising funds for your group – why work harder to make less money, when you can work less and earn incredible profits?

There are so many ways you can use church fundraising cards in order to raise the money you need, both online and off.  Most churches hold their activities at the church, have bake sales on the parking lot of the local supermarket, or sell products such as candles, popcorn and other goods door to door.  The possibilities with church fundraising cards are literally endless!  Sell them on their own, or in conjunction with other products you are selling.  When you have a car wash or bake sale, offer them to your customer.

These cards are easy to carry around; designed very similar to a credit card, you can carry them in your wallet, pocket or purse so that you have them with you anywhere you may go.  This makes it easy to offer them to anyone, whether you’re eating dinner at a popular restaurant in town or shopping at your local supermarket – who knows who you may run in to!  The convenience and ease offered by church fundraising cards are one reason that they are one of the most popular items used for raising money today.

You can see how easy it would be to sell the cards at any time; unlike candy bar boxes and cookie dough, church fundraising cards can go anywhere you go!  Sell them online for even more profits, and no website is required – just mention them to your friends on Facebook or Twitter, and there is no telling how many sales you may make.  The economy is not in a good place right now, and everyone could use the opportunity to save some cash.

Now that you know how you can sell them, you may want to know what makes church fundraising cards to irresistible to churches, schools and other non-profit organizations.  The answer to that is easy – they’re super profitable!  They also offer something that most people are looking for today, which is the opportunity to save money on food, services and good they would normally purchase anyway.  It’s just a winning situation for everyone involved, from your church to the customer to the merchants of your local community.

Just how profitable are church fundraising cards?  Even for small groups, they are incredibly profitable at a 50% profit margin when you sell only 250 cards.  The more cards your group is capable of selling, the higher the profits soar.  For example, a very large church having 300 or 400 members could easily reach $10,000 in profits, if only 100 of those members participated.  When compared to the money you normally raise with candy bars or cookie dough, there is just no comparison – and it’s so much easier!

Great product, incredible value, exceptional profits and support all around for everyone involved.  Isn’t it time you find out for yourself why church fundraising cards are the number one choice for gathering the funds you need?

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

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