For many who have been through the process before, church fundraising is a subject that brings on apprehension and dread.  It seems like an incredible amount of planning and work, and it can be at times – particularly if you choose the wrong activities or products.  If you have been involved in the planning portion of church fundraising before, you might feel that it was a great deal of work, and something you never want to do again.  In this article, you will find out just how easy it really can be to raise the money you need for a new church building, the youth group or any other need!

There are dozens of church fundraising ideas, most of which you have probably heard of or even tried before.  Many people do one event or sell a product in order to raise the money they need, but why limit yourself to only one activity?  By combining products and events, you can raise the money much quicker, and with fewer headaches.  For example, you may want your youth group to offer discount cards to neighbors, family and other members of the community, while at the same time running a car wash in town (great during the summer months) or having a bake sale.  If you’re really feeling ambitious, go for even more products and events in your church fundraising efforts.

In order to make things as simple as possible on everyone involved, it’s best to determine exactly how much money you need before you decide how you will raise the funds.  This way, if you are selling products you can figure out how much on average each person would have to sell in order to meet your goal.  For example, you need to raise $6,000 and you have 20 in the youth group, so basically each person would need to sell $300 in product.  This is an unrealistic goal if you are selling candy bars, so keep things like this in mind.  With church fundraising, you also want to make sure that the products you choose offer great profit margins, so that you can raise the funds you need with less effort.

Also, consider how much work is involved when choosing a product to sell.  If you decide to design t-shirts, there will be some work involved.  Someone has to create the design (or many people may be involved in this), then you need a company to print the t-shirts for you.  With candy bars, consider that small children may have a hard time lugging the box around, and that they can be messy – especially in summertime months.  Catalog sales require time spent by the customer browsing the pages, placing the orders, waiting for the shipment to come in, then going out once again to deliver the goods to the customer.  This may not be the best church fundraising idea, but if it has worked for you in the past don’t discard it either.

With church fundraising, sometimes simple is best.  When you want exceptional results with minimal effort, choose products that are readily available to the customer at the time of payment and offer spectacular value.  Discount cards are the perfect product, as they offer incredible profit margins and customers love them because of the savings they get.  Participants simply carry around these credit-card sized cards, offer them to the customer, and experience easy sales!  You can’t get much simpler than that, and there is practically no planning involved.

When you think church fundraising, think car washes, bake sales and other simple activities – combined with discount cards!  Easy work, easy profits, and customers love them so much they will be glad to buy them again next time you decide to have a fundraiser.  In fact, they will look forward to it – and who can blame them?  Everyone loves to save money on things they would have spent money on regardless of whether there was a savings or discount.

Mark South
Church fundraising

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