If you have never used church fundraising cards in your efforts to raise money for any cause or project, you will use them time and again once you see the exceptional results that can be achieved.  Nothing can bring your spirits down faster than working yourself to death only to raise a small portion of the money you need.  Sure, all of the bake sales, yard sales and car washes are fun, but when it comes down to the wire it’s hard to raise a substantial amount of money with these activities.

Church fundraising cards are different in many ways from the other common products you may have sold in the past.  If you’re looking for something new that will add the spark and excitement back to your fundraising efforts, read on.

Everyone knows that for the past couple of years the economy has not been in good shape.  People have lost their jobs; money is tight, and most are not willing to spend on anything that isn’t necessary or doesn’t offer value.  Church fundraising cards offer incredible value to the customer, so they are much more likely to buy.  After all, how much value can be found in a $2 candy bar or $12 box of cookie dough today?  Not much, and certainly not enough for those with very little money to spare to spend what little they have left.

Church fundraising cards typically offer savings at 12 to 15 local merchants in your own community; customers can save on food, oil changes, hair cuts, movie rentals, and other goods and services offered locally.  Even in the toughest economic times, people still have to eat and have their cars serviced.  Church fundraising cards allow them to purchase the things they would have bought regardless, but at a discounted price.  This means far more sales for your group, and better than average profits, which we will get to now.

Just how profitable are church fundraising cards?  You will be absolutely shocked when you realize just how easy it is to raise hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  Whereas with candy bars you would likely have had to sell 1,000 to make $500 or $1,000 in profits, to make this same amount of money with the cards you would only have to sell about 200 – and no, that is not a misprint!  The profit margins will absolutely astound you, and the value provided by the product is simply unmatched.

You can only imagine the profits you might experience if you have a large group that will be participating in the fundraiser.  On average, one individual will sell about 10 to 15 church fundraising cards.  So, let’s just say you have 40 people who will be participating; that means easy sales of 400 to 600 cards, which means $2,000 to $4,200!  After being involved in all of the usual activities and products year after year, this probably seems almost unbelievable – but it’s absolutely true, and easily accomplished.

Now that you see just how much value is offered to the customer and how high your profits can soar, maybe you will consider church fundraising cards for the next go round!  One thing’s for certain – you won’t find any other product that offers results like this, and makes your work so much easier.

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

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