Church fundraising cards offer you a way to raise the funds you need and actually have fun doing it!  If you’ve been through the bake sales, car washes, yard sales and candy bars a dozen times, you’re probably ready for something different.  After so many years of doing the same old things, people lose interest and it can be hard to persuade very many in your church to participate.  Sure, those faithful few are always willing to pitch in and do  whatever they can, but you could see much greater participation – which could potentially mean increased profits.  Church fundraising cards are a fun way to raise the money you need for any church project, whether you need a new sanctuary or something as simple as a basketball net for the kids to enjoy.

It’s not to say you should stop all of those old “stand-by’s” that your church has been doing for years, like the bake sales and car washes; after all, these are all great ways for the members of your church to get together and fellowship.  Whether you go forward with old traditions or not, church fundraising cards are a great addition to any other methods you use, or a spectacular stand-alone way to raise funds.  If you have very little experience with this method and need to know more before you decide if it’s for you, here are a few of the great benefits of church fundraising cards:

1.  They’re affordable – and truly valuable.  These credit-card sized wonders sell easily, because they cost only $10.  Customers realize the value of the cards, since they offer incredible savings on a multitude of products/services at local merchants.

2.  They’re easy for those participating to keep up with.  Unlike candy bars, cookie dough and catalog sales, these handy cards fit right in a pocket or wallet; this means no lugging heavy boxes around, no keeping up with order forms, and no distributing products after the order comes in.  The customer buys the product, your participants take the money and deliver the goods right on the spot.

3.  Hardly any planning involved – this is a BIG one!  Many fundraisers require a great deal of preparation and planning, but you won’t find this with church fundraising cards!  You simply contact the company selling the cards, and they do the rest.  The company will contact those merchants in your own local area, print up the cards with your church’s name or logo on the front, and ship them to your door!  All you need to do is account for them so that you know who in your group has the cards, and how many they have.

4.  Extreme profits!  This is perhaps the most important benefit of church fundraising cards.  Who wouldn’t want to raise as much money as possible in the least amount of time, without going through all of the back-breaking work and preparation?  Profit margins range from 50% to well over 100%, depending on the number of cards you purchase.  Even if you only order 500 cards, your profits are $3,500!  A group of 30 or 40 people could easily reach this level, and perhaps more depending on how many each person sells.  Imagine what a group of 70 or 80 could do – the profits are amazing.

Church fundraising cards work so well because they support not only the needs of your church, but the community as a whole.  Right now, economic times are tough – which means many people just don’t have a lot of money to spend.  The cards provide them with a way to save money, something important in these times; even better, the local community is supported since money is spent with those merchants in your own neighborhood.  When it’s time to give your fundraising methods a little make-over, this is a great way to do something easy and enjoyable, and to get those in your church excited about helping out!

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

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