If you have ever used church fundraising cards in your efforts to raise money for any project, you know how easy it is.  If your group has never used them, you’re in for a real surprise once you realize just what the benefits are.  Many activities that are commonly used to raise money are a lot of work, and the results can often be dismal.  Some of the well-known fundraising products are great, but the profit margins are often not what you would wish for.  Add to that the fact that in a down-turned economy people really hesitate about spending money on things they don’t really need, and it becomes hard to raise the amount of money you need for your project, especially if it is a substantial amount.  This is where church fundraising cards come in!

Okay, so you’re one of the groups who have never tried church fundraising cards.  What’s so great about them, and why would you want to use them the next time you need to raise money?  These cards carry offers from a dozen to 15 merchants on the back, all offering discounts and buy one get one free offers.  Since they are designed to be used at national and local merchants in your own area, it helps support your own local economy – which is important when times are tough.

Probably the best thing about church fundraising cards is that they offer the customer real value that they can see for themselves, unlike candy bars and popcorn.  People want to save money today; if they can buy a card for $10 bucks and save ten times that amount or more over a one year period, they will snap for it because they see the money-saving potential.  If you were to present two products to a neighbor or someone in your area, a candy bar and a discount card, chances are they would choose the card because 1) they will experience savings for one year, and 2) they won’t spend $2 or more on something that will be eaten and gone in 10 minutes with nothing to show for it.

Church fundraising cards also offer incredibly high profit margins, which is another reason they are the number one item used for church fundraisers today.  Depending on the size of your church and how many will participate, you can expect to profit margins of anywhere from 50% to over 100%.  How could your profit margins be greater than 100%?  Because for every 1000 cards ordered, you get 200 at no cost to you.

Typically, one person can easily sell 10 or more discount cards, so if you have a group of 50 in your church who plan to participate, you can estimate that you will sell at the very least 500 cards.  This means that you will be at a 70% profit margin, or in other words your church will make $3,500.  Church fundraising cards are the way to go whenever you need to raise money, but particularly when you need to raise a substantial amount, such as tens of thousands of dollars.  Have 100 people that will participate?  You can expect a total profit of $10,000 – and think how far that would go toward the new youth gym or fellowship hall!

Whether members of your church are getting tired of the same old fundraisers and all of the work involved, or you’re just ready to try a fresh new approach, try church fundraising cards.  You will see that there is very little work involved; in fact, the company you purchase the cards from will contact merchants in your local area – all you have to do is account for who has how many cards in your group, and you’re ready to roll!  Simply put, without a doubt you will find the results you achieve with church fundraising cards amazing.

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

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