No doubt by now you have heard of church fundraising cards – but has your church actually used them in your efforts to raise money?  If the answer is no, you simply cannot realize the amazing profits and benefits your church is missing out on.  In this article, we will describe some of the incredible aspects of church fundraising cards, and why you need to break down and experience the results for yourself.  Of course, by the time you learn exactly what can be accomplished with this popular and enduring fundraising product, we won’t have to convince you to give them a try!

Here are a few facts about church fundraising cards from various angles:

From the customers point of view – To the customer, church fundraising cards offer real value, which is something you do not find with candy bars, candles, and other common products frequently used in fundraisers.  Since the cards offer discounts and buy one get one free offers on products and services available in the customers own community, they experience substantial savings over a one year time period, and the card costs them only $10!  This is particularly important right now, as many people are out of work and need to save money every way possible.

From the merchants point of view – Church fundraising cards normally offer savings at 12 to 15 different merchants, many of them local to the community. When someone purchases a card, there are often savings and discounts listed at merchants that person may not have spent money with before.  The buyer of the card decides to try out the service or product, whether it’s a burger with free fries or a 20% discount on an oil change.  This means that the merchant has a potential new customer who will possibly come back again and again!  Merchants win with church fundraising cards because they have the opportunity to build their customer base and attract new clients.

From your (the church’s) perspective – Here is the part that is really impressive, and will help you understand why you should give church fundraising cards a try.  The profit margins are huge, more so than any product you have probably used in your fundraiser efforts.  You already know that people love them because of the incredible value they offer; now you can put two and two together:  When you have a product that’s easy to sell AND offers high profitability, it means that you can literally bring in the amount of  money you need for your project in record time!

Whether you have a small or large group of participants, you will be stunned when you realize how easy this is; when combined with other products and activities you normally use to raise money, the results are outstanding!  Use them alone or in conjunction with what you already do – the ways that you can put church fundraising cards to use are endless.  Truthfully, the only limits to what you can do with these popular money-savings cards is your own imagination.

You may need a few hundred dollars for a new basketball goal for the youth group, or you may need tens of thousands for a big project.  Either way, church fundraising cards should be an essential part of your efforts to raise money.  Having read the above, can you see how these amazing little cards work to support the entire community as a whole?  Now it’s your turn to see just what can be accomplished when you choose a great product!

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

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