Sure, church fundraising should be profitable; after all, you are attempting to raise money for something your church or youth group needs, such as a new basketball goal, a summer trip for the teens or even a new church van.  That being said, church fundraising should also be fun!  When Christians get together to do anything at all, it’s often a fun time with plenty of laughs and enjoyment; raising money should be no different, everyone should enjoy the fellowship and the fact that they are trying to raise money for something related to the church.

So, what are some good church fundraising ideas that will make for a fun time for all and good profits?  Here are just a few ideas you may want to consider:

car wash hurray One of the good old stand-by’s – a car wash.  Particularly during the spring and summer months, everyone wants a clean car, and the pre-teens and teens have a good time working, splashing and having fun in the sun.  Consider charging anywhere from $5 or more per vehicle, or vary the prices depending on the size and make of the vehicle (car, large SUV or van, pick-up truck, etc.).

Spelling bee.  While this one isn’t something that is done for church fundraising on a regular basis, it can help you raise a substantial amount of money.  Hold a spelling beespelling bee for the younger kids, or even the adults.  You can make money by requiring all who enter the contest pay an entry fee of $3 to $5 each, and even charge a small admission fee.  Be aware that if you do charge admission, you should prepare for a time filled with fun and even a little laughter – and in your advertising, emphasize the fun factor to entice people to come.

Recycling for charity.  Considering that nearly everyone’s concern for the environment is growing in recent years, recycling for charity is an exceptional church fundraising idea.  Think of the various items that are recycled today:  ink cartridges, mobile phones, aluminum cans, even scrap gold.  There are literally dozens of things that can be recycled, but go online and make sure you can find a buyer before your group goes to the trouble to collect recyclable goods.

CDTBackFundraising cards.  This is perhaps the easiest and most fun idea of all for church fundraising!  These cards offer a dozen or more money-saving offers available at merchants in your own neighborhood.  The cards sell for just $10, but the customer will save potentially 10 times the purchase price or more over the course of one year, so they’re easy to sell.  No planning, no lugging boxes around, no going out a second time to deliver goods, no storage problems – and incredible profits!  The more cards your group sells, the higher the profit margin you enjoy.

The great thing about fundraising cards is that you can literally take them with you everywhere you go, and you don’t have to worry about melting chocolate in the trunk of the car or anything else.

Sure, church fundraising should be profitable – but it should also be an enjoyable, fun time for all involved.  The more fun you make it, the more the youth group and church members will want to get involved, especially when there isn’t a ton of work involved!  And one more idea; no matter what activity, product, game or contest you choose to raise money for your church’s needs, why not throw fundraising cards into the mix?

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