Most churches do many of the same things when it comes to church fundraising. The women get together and hold a bake sale; teens often participate in car washes. While the men don’t really do a lot of the actual work, they may be supporting in other ways in the background. Church fundraising can get to be a chore, not to mention monotonous and boring. How many years have you been having giant yard sales where everyone in the congregation brings those items they no longer want or need? How many bake sales and car washes has your church hosted? It’s likely there have been so many you have lost count. If you want a fun and profitable new idea for church fundraising, try discount cards.

Sure, all of those other church fundraising methods work, but it isn’t fun anymore, and you have to admit the profits aren’t all that great. You can keep those old traditions when your group is in the mood to do the work, and add discount cards to the mix to raise additional money. They’re hugely profitable, easy to sell and provide support to your entire community. There aren’t many fundraising products or activities that can make that claim! There was a time when candy bars and cookie dough were all the rage, but those fads are quickly waning; people don’t have money to indulge their sweet tooth, and they would much rather save money on products and services they would spend money on regardless.

Think about those bake sales that the women have done so often when the church is in need of money. You buy the supplies for the cakes, cookies and pies (flour, eggs, milk, fruit, oil, chocolate chips and whatever else you need.) Your group spends time baking all of these goods, then you sell a pie for $6 or a dozen cookies for a few dollars. How much have you really made, considering the time spent, work involved and the cost of the ingredients? It’s a fun and traditional church fundraising activity that lets you fellowship with the other ladies of the church, but when you need a good amount of money it just isn’t very profitable.

Sometimes huge expenses come up, and you need a church fundraising method that can really help you pull in the money fast. You may need several hundred dollars or even thousands when you need a new church bus or van, or a gym for the youth group. Discount cards allow your group to easily raise large sums of money because of their incredible profit margins. Not only that, but customers love them because of the value they offer. For $10, the customer enjoys discounts and savings at a dozen or more merchants in their own local community. The customer can save on everything from fast foods and dinner at restaurants to hair cuts, auto services, family entertainment and more. This is a benefit to the merchants in the neighborhood as well, and a great way for businesses to gain new clients who use those discount cards.

Whether you are tired of those activities your group has been doing year after year to raise money or just want something with a “kick” that can boost your profits quickly, discount cards offer exceptional results for church fundraising. Use them on their own, or sell them on the side when your church is holding those bake sales and car washes. Put a new twist on church fundraising with these profitable little wallet-sized cards – and put a smile on the faces of all who participate.

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

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