Fundraising discount cards are a great way to raise money for your church. To find out how to make the most out of your fundraiser read more.

Fundraising discount cards are a great way to get an 50%-105% profit in a fundraiser. They are based on providing for a flat fee a book of discounts to local area merchants. Often times the discount card will be shopping discount cards, pizza discount cards or fast food discount cards. The idea is that they are items that people already use and will find easy to purchase.

Discount cards are small and light weight making it easy for your volunteers to carry them around. This makes for immediate delivery. It is always easier to get a donation or a purchase when you can give the discount cards at the same time as purchase.

The three different types of discount cards vary only slightly;

Shopping discount cards are wallet sized and offer special savings and limited coupons to merchants in your area. They may include hair cuts, dinners, auto motive services or a host of other types of discounts.

Discount pizza cards often times are full of two for one offers or buy a large pizza and receive a medium for free. This type of discount card can be used in the restaurant or order by phone.

The third type of discount card is a fast food discount card. This type offers limited coupons to fast food chains in your area.

The main benefit to fundraising with discount cards is that they are easy to carry and quick to sell. Most households eat pizza, fast food and shop a local merchants. This makes discount cards an easy sell to both your congregation and to families in your community.

Shauna Hanus builds and maintains fundraising websites for churches and small ministries. Shauna has years of experience building websites and internet marketing. For more information on how to get a church fundraising discount cards visit Fundraising discount cards

By Shauna Hanus
Published: 5/25/2007

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