Unique Ways to Raise Funds for Your Group

If it seems like church fundraising is becoming more of a chore than an enjoyable effort, it could be that you’re just getting tired of doing the same old things over and over.  After so many bake sales and car washes, it often becomes boring and monotonous.  Some fresh new ideas will put a renewed spirit in everyone who participates; it’s exciting to see what fruits your efforts can bring forth, particularly when you’re engaging in an activity that you’ve never tried before.

If you need to put renewed life in your church fundraising efforts, here are a few ideas you’ll find useful.

1.  However you choose to raise money, include fundraising cards.  These cards are hugely profitable, easy to sell and beneficial to your local economy. Customers love them because they help them save money, merchants benefit due to increased and new business.  Add them to the mix no matter what other methods you choose to raise funds for your group.

2.  Dance-a-Thon – If your youth group is trying to raise money for a trip, summer camp or a church gymnasium, what better way to raise money than to dance?  Those who participate can dance solo, or with a partner.  Be sure to get pledges, and to allow plenty of time before the dance-a-thon to get sponsors.  The dance can be held in a community center or school gym if you have a large youth group.

3.  Host a dog bath day.  This is a good church fundraising event, particularly in the hot summer months.  Taking a pet to the groomer for a bath can be expensive, so offer “doggie baths” at an affordable price.  You can get dog shampoo fairly cheap when you buy in bulk at a wholesale club.  Pick a warm day, get your supplies together and host a dog wash in a location where there’s plenty of room.

4.  What’s better in summer months than ice cream?  Consider an ice cream social; after all, nothing is more cooling in hot weather than smooth, creamy ice cream!  Try to come up with a theme for your social, such as homemade ice cream or special sundaes topped with chocolate or cherry, nuts, M & Ms, candy sprinkles, whipped cream, etc.  Set a price for those who want to indulge in the delectable delight!

5.  Instead of a spaghetti dinner, why not a potato bar?  This church fundraising idea is just a little twist on the old spaghetti dinner.  Most people love baked potatoes, particularly when they’re topped with cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, mushrooms, chives and other goodies.  Decide how much to charge, and get ready to set up your “all you can eat” potato bar.  Even those not doing the work get tired of the same old spaghetti supper – mix things up for a refreshing change.

There are literally hundreds of things you can do to raise money for your church needs, but it’s easy to get stuck in the same old rut time after time, year after year.  Consider a board game tournament, polar bear plunge, car detailing (instead of a car wash), even a spelling bee in which the grown-ups participate instead of the youngsters.  Whatever you do when it comes to church fundraising, don’t forget to include discount cards for incredible profits!  Easy to carry with you anywhere (in a pocket or purse), there’s always an opportunity to sell something that really offers value to the customer – and  most people are happy to spend $10 to potentially save 10 times that much over the course of a year.  Happy church fundraising!

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