How Church Fundraising Can Be More Fun, Less Work and More Profitable!

Are you one of the pillar members of the church who has been involved in church fundraising for years, perhaps even decades?  If you are, you know there is a ton of work involved with most methods used to raise money, whether it’s selling products or participating in activities.  Does it seem like for the effort involved profits aren’t all that great?  Church fundraising can be far more fun, less laborious and highly profitable with fundraising cards.

Youth Group FundraiserThink about some of the regular activities you do every time you need to raise money for the youth group or church.  Even bake sales are a tremendous amount of work, considering the time it takes for various members of the church to bake the goods, price them, then load tables, chairs and all of the other things up for transport to where you will hold the bake sale.  With fundraising cards, there’s virtually no preparation involved and the profit margins will really amaze you.

Church fundraising should be fun, but all too often it gets to be a dreaded, monotonous chore.  With spirit or fundraising cards, all of the church members will be happy to get involved, whether teenagers, young adults or even the elderly members of the congregation.  No boxes to carry (like with candy and cookie dough), no storage worries, no labor, other than presenting the cards to those you think will be interested.  The cards are the size of a credit card, so they’re easy to carry in a pocket, wallet or purse.  The great thing about them is that you can sell them literally anywhere you go, whether it’s out to eat, shopping, to a baseball game, even at work.

How profitable are these discount cards for church fundraising purposes?  Order 250 and your group enjoys a 50% profit margin; in other words, you pay $5 per card and sell them for $10.  If your group sells all 250 cards, you’ve added $1,250 to your funds!  The more cards you order, the higher the profit margin.  Order up to 500 cards and once you’ve sold them all you’ve earned a cool $3,500!  That’s really fairly easy to accomplish, considering most individuals can easily sell 5 or more cards.  Just get 90 or 100 people involved in the selling, and you’ll see that the money rolls in much quicker and easier than with other church fundraising methods you’ve tried in the past.

Why do we keep claiming it’s so easy to raise money with the cards?  Because they offer so much value to the customer, which is important, especially in economic times like we’re currently in.  The customer spends $10 and enjoys discounts on all kinds of products and services they normally spend money on for an entire year.  Who doesn’t want to save a substantial amount of money, especially on things they’re going to buy anyway?

Of course, if your church members truly enjoy the bake sales, car washes, auctions and other activities you normally use to raise money, that’s great.  But why not add fundraising cards to those activities and raise the funds you need quicker?  When it comes to church fundraising, always remember that everyone loves a bargain and that people love saving money.  If you’re all up for less work and more fun, give it a try.  On their own or in combination with other products/activities, fundraising cards are a smart addition to your list of ways to raise money quickly.

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