Fundraiser cards are the perfect solution for church fundraising; if you have yet to give them a try, don’t you think it’s time? Church groups have been using various methods to raise money for decades, and many of these are the same today. Bake sales, multiple-family yard sales, car washes and Valentine’s Day dinner served in the church fellowship hall have been going on for years. Fundraiser cards don’t necessarily have to replace these old-time traditions, but they can certainly make your efforts more profitable!

Many churches sell products to raise money when they need a new church van or want to build a gym for the youth group. Some children do not have the money to attend church camp, so members of the church kick in and try to raise the money so that all of the children can attend. There always seems to be a need for funds for one activity or another, and fundraiser cards can be an easy solution. Hugely profitable, the customer enjoys great value for their money, your group quickly raises the money necessary for your needs, and the local merchants benefit as well. There is no other church fundraising product or activity that offers advantages all the way around.

Have the kids or teens in your church ever sold candles, jerky, cookie dough, candy bars or items from fundraising catalogs? Sure, these products are profitable and many customers buy not because they actually need or want the product, but because they want to help the church out. Fundraiser cards are different in this aspect because people really DO want the product, and the value is great. These cards offer great deals on goods and services that are targeted to your own local community, which is important considering the economic climate today. With the economy being in the shape it is, it’s very likely that if you were to sell candy bars today, you would experience far fewer sales simply because many people just cannot afford to spend money on things they do not need.

However, consumers will spend money on fundraiser cards for the simple reason that they save far more than they spend for the card which is just $10. The back of the cards offer savings and discounts at a dozen or more merchants in your area on products and services that people spend money on no matter what shape the economy is in. Since the cards do not expire for one year after purchase date, the customer can potentially save 10 times or more what they spend on the card, which is a smart decision when money is tight and people want to stretch their budgets as much as possible.

Still, hosting those bake sales and car washes is fun simply because a group from the church gets together and enjoys the fellowship while making a little money. It’s always important for members of the church, whether small children, teens or adults to get together and support the church, but fundraiser cards can always be added to the mix. When the teens hold a car wash on the main drag in town, why not offer fundraiser cards to those who have their cars washed? It’s hard for many people to pass up a great deal, and these cards are definitely a great deal. Everyone wants a bargain!

There is no question that church fundraising should be fun, but it should also be profitable. Fundraising cards let you enjoy both the fun and the profits, and are super-easy to sell because they are really valuable to the customer, unlike cookie dough or candles. When a family is struggling financially, which would make more sense – to buy a $2 candy bar or $12 box of cookie dough, or to purchase a $10 card that will allow them to save much more on food, auto maintenance services, tires, hair cuts and other necessities? Now you can see why your church group should give fundraiser cards a try. It’s an easy and fun road to incredible profits and you will never have a guilty conscious about selling someone who is financially strapped something they did not need.

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

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