Church fundraising can mean a substantial amount of work for those involved, but it can also be a fun time and opportunity for great fellowship among church members.  Whether you need to raise money for the youth group, a new fellowship hall or a new church van to replace an old clunker, there are dozens of activities and products that make raising funds easier than ever before.  If you’re fresh out of church fundraising ideas, here are a few that will get your creative juices flowing.

group-rakingCommunity cleanup.  This is a great way to raise funds, particularly considering winter months are just around the corner.  Residents who live in your community, especially those who are older, may need help cleaning up their yards after the summer and fall months.  Picking up limbs, burning brush, raking and bagging leaves – anything you can do to help your neighbors get their property back in order.  Take donations, or charge a set fee for cleanup.

Fundraising cards.  For many years, discount cards have been hugely profitable when used for church fundraising.  The cards offer discounts of about 10% to 25% off on food, haircuts, car maintenance and other CHSBBackproducts/services at your own local merchants as well as buy-one-get-one free offers.  You can enjoy incredibly high profit margins and the ease of selling a product that requires no storage, refrigeration or lugging catalogs/boxes around.  The benefits to both customers, your church group and local merchants are many, and considering the shortage of jobs and tough financial times many families are experiencing today, this is a great product that customers can really use to save money.

Bake sales.  Bake sales have been a staple in church fundraising for decades, and are still highly popular today.  While there is a good amount of work and preparation involved, many times the ladies of the church enjoy baking those pies, cakes and cookies people of the community rave about – and it makes for a great time when they all get together to offer their “yummy” treats for sale on a corner lot in town.  While it may not be the easiest, most profitable way to raise funds, it does help raise some money and can be thoroughly enjoyable for those who join in.

food_tastingFood tasting evening.  Hosting a food tasting event at the church is lots of fun for everyone involved.  Offer up foods and snacks that members of the church have prepared such as appetizers, barbecue ribs or chicken, delectable sweets, chili, chip and homemade dips, etc.  Those who bring their foods for tasting can pay an entrance fee, you can charge those who want to enjoy tasting all of the goodies through donations, or a combination of both.  Hold a raffle at your food tasting event to increase the interest of those who attend.  Use your creativity to come up with additional ideas.

These are just a few church fundraising ideas.  While there are always the good old stand-by’s such as car washes, gigantic yard sales and church cookbooks containing recipes contributed by church members, there are many other methods you can use to raise the money your church needs for a particular project.  Family photos taken at the church, spaghetti dinners, even running errands for those who are elderly in the community for a small donation.  Whatever you choose, consider adding discount cards to the mix for quick and easy profits!

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