After decades of doing the ‘same old thing,’ church fundraising can be downright boring and monotonous.  How many car washes have the youth participated in over the years?  How many times has your church held a spaghetti supper, bake sale, or huge yard sale?  Sure, there is no doubt these things can be fun and are a great way to get together and enjoy some fellowship, but everything gets old after a while – and to be honest, some of these methods of raising money aren’t really all that profitable.

Using discount cards for church fundraising may be something you want to consider.  Why?  There are lots of reasons, including:

It’s so much easier.  Think about all of those methods churches often rely on to raise funds.  Bake sales require an incredible amount of work, considering the ladies have to buy the ingredients and bake all of the cookies, cakes, and pies, then wrap and price them, transport to where the bake sale will be held, etc.  Church yard sales are the same way; gather together all of the families’ sale items, put price stickers on them, set everything up outside (and hope for good weather), then take everything that doesn’t sell back in for putting back in storage.  With discount cards, you simply choose the merchants you want to participate in your area, get their participation, order the cards, and sell them when they arrive.  Now THIS is what church fundraising should be!

It’s highly profitable.  Going back to those bake sales; how much profit do you really make considering the cost of the ingredients?  It’s probably hard to really know exactly what your profit is.  With discount cards, the profit margins are amazing – and depending on how  many will participate and how much money you need to raise, tens of thousands of dollars is easily accomplished.  For instance, if your church has a large congregation of 200 or 300 and even half of those members participate, you can expect to raise $10,000 or more!  How do we arrive at this figure?  Most people can sell at least 10 cards, so if you have 100 who will participate that is 1,000 cards.  You receive 200 free with every 1,000 ordered, so sell 1,200 cards and your profit is $10,000.  It would take a lot of cookies or pies to rake in that kind of profit!

It’s fun and easy even for the kids.  Teens are often not easily persuaded into doing anything that requires much work – including car washes.  When you decide on discount cards for church fundraising, it’s something that even the teens will be glad to take part in.  All they have to do is carry the cards with them in a pocket or back-pack, and sell wherever they go – which we all know could be practically anywhere.  Ball games, at the mall, the movies, school, church, or even at their parents’ place of employment.  The possibilities are endless!

Customers love the cards, which is why it’s such a great idea for church fundraising.  They enjoy substantial savings on products and services most people spend money on regularly, like fast food, hair care services, an oil change for the car, bowling for the family, etc.  These savings are good for an entire year, and for just $10 customers realize just how much money they can save; this makes the selling easy, unlike some other fundraising products that aren’t really considered a necessity by the customer.

If your group is tired of the same old thing, consider making church fundraising easier, more fun, and more profitable with discount cards!

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