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Church fundraising cards are the perfect solution when you just come up blank on how to raise the money your church or youth group needs.  After all, how many bake sales and car washes can you hold before these ideas are worn out and exhausted?  There are many fun activities that get all of the church involved which is important for Christians, but there are times you simply need the best solution to raise money fast.  This is where church fundraising cards come in; profit margins are higher than the average product, and the customer gets real value for their money which is essential today.

Raffles, auctions and choir concerts are great, and provide fun for the community as well, but do the consumers who spend their money really get something that is valuable?  In economic times like we are currently experiencing most people are not going to spend their hard-earned money unless they are really getting something they need, something that offers them real value.  Church fundraising cards provide this need; with a dozen or more merchant offers on the back of the card, consumers can save a substantial amount of money on food, activities, car services and other products or services.  These savings go on for a one year time period, which means that those who buy the church fundraising cards will save much more than the $10 they spent for the card.

While church fundraising cards are possibly the best product ever for raising the funds you need for your church, what makes them even easier to sell?  When consumers know about the cause they are supporting, they are even more likely to contribute.  For example, if those residents who live in your area realize you are trying to raise the money to send the youth group on a mission trip, don’t you think they will be more compelled to buy church fundraising cards to support the cause?  You bet they will!  Not only that, they realize that the merchants listed on the cards are local, and it makes people feel good when they know they are supporting their own community as well as the needs of the church.

Church fundraising cards are nothing new; in fact, they’ve been around for several years now, and continue to be just as popular as ever when you need to raise funds for any church need.  You should never stop holding the tried and true (and often fun) activities such as car washes and bake sales; after all, these are some of the best times enjoyed by members of the church as they fellowship and worship God.  Who’s to say that you can’t use several methods to raise the money you  need for that new church van or basketball goal for the youth?  By increasing your efforts and using church fundraising cards simultaneously with other activities, you can quickly raise the money you need and still have fun doing it.

The bottom line is:  People love real value, they want to know that they are really getting something for their money.  To make your fundraising efforts more profitable than ever before, add church fundraising cards to the mix!  It won’t require any more effort than what you are already doing; just think of the cards as icing on the cake.  In the same amount of time you spend preparing and carrying out other fundraising projects, you can be tripling your profits – which means that new church van is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

Setting up a church fundraiser can prove to be much more of a hassle than you intended, especially if you don’t put a great deal of thought in to the product and profit margins.  Church fundraising cards make the entire process extremely simple; you get a great product that is easy to sell because of the value it offers, and the profit margins are unbelievable!  Unless you want to spend a lot of time, thought and effort to raise the funds necessary for that church project that needs to be completed, church fundraising cards are the one solution that makes good sense all the way around.

Some methods of raising money for the needs of your church will always be popular, such as bake sales and car washes.  These are relatively easy to plan, and there isn’t a lot of hard work involved – besides, these activities are usually fun for everyone involved, and allow the members of the church to socialize and enjoy themselves.  But why not be creative (and send your profits soaring) by adding church fundraising cards to the mix?  It’s pretty easy to figure out that the more methods you use to raise the funds you need, the quicker you will reach your goal.   The more useful  the product you offer and the higher perceived value to the customer, the easier your sales!

Church fundraising cards are popular today because they offer support in so many areas.  Your church’s financial needs are met, the customer gets incredible value for their money, and local merchants benefit as well.  If you try to think of any other fundraising item that offers this much benefit to the community as a whole, you would be hard pressed to think of one, because nothing beats this product for the customer or the profitability for your project.  Every item you could think of that you have tried in past years from candy bars, cookie dough, candles and jerky to catalog sales or popcorn simply don’t stack up in comparison to church fundraising cards.

Think of all of the hassles you’ve probably met with in your past fundraising efforts.  With candy bars, you have to keep up with the inventory of every person participating, not to mention carrying around the boxes can be cumbersome for small children.  With catalog sales, you have the work of keeping up with orders, sending it off, waiting for the product to arrive, sorting the orders out and only then having your crew distribute the items.  Whew!  What a load of work for what is likely not the best profit margins you could hope for.  Church fundraising cards are so easy, and the company you order them from will likely take care of most of the work for you, such as printing up professional looking cards, placing your name or logo on the front, and securing the participation of local merchants.  What’s left for you to do?  Just distribute the cards to those participating in your fundraiser and watch the sales roll in!

Another great aspect of church fundraising cards is that they are easy to sell, unlike many other products.  When people just don’t have extra money to burn, they aren’t going to let go of their money to purchase something they really don’t need.  Since these cards provide discounts and buy one get one free offers on many products, services and activities in your local area, people easily see the value.  In fact, most people will easily hand over $10 when they know they will save ten times or more that amount over the period of a year on things they would have spent their money on anyway.

Are you tired of working yourself silly trying to organize a fundraiser for your church?  Whether you keep using the tried and true strategies that you have been using for years or not, add church fundraising cards to your list of things to do.  Try them just once, and you will see why they are the top rated fundraising item of all time!

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

Why have churches all across America turned to church fundraising cards for their fundraising projects?  The answer to that is simple – super profits, little preparation and easy sales.  For years, churches have been using the same old methods in an attempt to raise the money they need for a youth group trip, new piano, or summer church camp.  Sure, bake sales, car washes and huge yard sales are great for raising money, but you can raise the funds you need quickly and without much effort using church fundraising cards.

Imagine offering a customer something that will save them a substantial amount of money over a period of one year.  Do you believe most people would rather pay a couple of dollars for a candy bar, $12 for cookie dough, or $10 for a card that lets them save money all year long on food, family activities, hair cuts, car maintenance and more?  People are smart, and they know when they are being offered something of real value.  Church fundraising cards allow you to offer the customer something they want in times of a tight economy – a way to save money.  They also realize they are supporting your church project, and local merchants in their own community, which only helps the local economic conditions.

What do customers save money on when they purchase church fundraising cards?  Anything and everything you can imagine.  It all depends on which merchants in your area want to participate, but most do simply because it helps increase awareness of their business and brings in new customers.  Bridal shops, the local pizza restaurant, floral shops, fitness centers, video rentals – the list is endless as to what discounts and services may be offered on church fundraising cards.  When people realize that they can potentially save hundreds of dollars by spending $10, you have an easy product that will quickly raise the funds you need for your project.

Profits are a concern when you are trying to raise money for your church needs, and some products will work you to death by the time you raise the amount necessary to see your project through to completion.  With church fundraising cards, you can expect profit margins of between 50% and over 100%, depending on how many cards you order.  For example, when you order between 250 and 499 cards, your profit level is 50%, which means you earn $5 on every card you sell.  Order 1000, and your profit level skyrockets to 100%, which means that if you sell 1000 cards, your group makes $10,000!  Pretty incredible, considering that it would only take on average about 100 people participating in your fundraiser to raise this amount of money.

Many forms of fundraising require a great deal of planning and preparation, some to the point that you are exhausted before you ever begin the actual fundraiser.  Even church bake sales require a lot of work from those who do all the baking of pies, cakes, and cookies.  With church fundraising cards, the company you purchase the cards from do most of the work for you.  They often call around your local area to secure merchant participation, they print the cards up with your organizations logo or name on the front, and ship them to your door.  For the most part, all you have to do is pass the cards out to those who will be doing the selling, saving you a ton of time and effort. Most of the time, church fundraising cards offer discounts and buy one get one free offers, valuable savings for the customer.

Are you ready to make your work easier and achieve incredible results in a shorter time than you would with common fundraising methods?  Explode your profits and offer those in your area real value for a change with church fundraising cards!  Once you try it yourself, you will understand why this is the most preferred method for raising funds quickly – you just cannot beat genuine value and incredible profits.

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising

Church fundraising cards have quickly become the top product when you need to raise money for any need in the church.  You may need new carpet in the sanctuary, a new refrigerator for the kitchen, or funds to take the entire youth group on a fun summer trip.  No matter what you need the funds for, church fundraising cards allow you to raise the necessary funds quickly and easily, while supporting your local community at the same time.  In today’s economic climate, keeping money in your local area is essential for the good of the community.

Today, many people do not have the money they may have had several years ago.  Jobs have been lost, hours have been reduced, and the incomes of many families is just not what it was.  Church fundraising cards are affordable for nearly anyone, being that they only cost $10, and the value of the card is incredible.  The goods and services offered are those that are commonly used by everyone; food, auto maintenance services, hair cuts, family entertainment, and much more.  Since the customer gets exceptional discounts on all of these goods and services, the perceived value is enormous.  The money that can be saved by using church fundraising cards can potentially amount to hundreds of dollars!

Think about the products you normally offer when holding a fundraiser.  Does a candy bar or cookie dough offer value that will continue well in to the future?  When you need to raise money and want to do so with less effort, it just makes good sense for your group and the local community to go with church fundraising cards.  Since the discounts offered on the back of the cards apply mostly to local merchants in your area, it helps their business and brings in new customers as well, so they are happy to participate!

Another aspect of using church fundraising cards in your efforts to raise money is that they make easy and efficient work of it all.  The company you purchase the cards from do a great deal of work in securing the merchants and preparing the cards, so that all you have to do is pass them out to those in your group that will do the selling and make great profits!  Many churches choose to use the cards in combination with other activities such as bake sales and car washes, so that they can quickly accumulate the funds they need.

Any way you look at it, church fundraising cards offer support and exceptional value all the way around.  Your group is able to raise the money they need quickly and without a great deal of effort; you’re supporting the customer by offering real value in a product they can use and appreciate, and local merchants get a boost to their business as well.  Supporting the economy in your own area is important today, and using church fundraising cards for your project is a great way to do everything you can for neighbors, friends, merchants, and everyone else who lives in your own back yard.

Of course you want to raise money for your needs and activities, but isn’t it time you offered something that truly helps your own neighborhood?  Church fundraising cards are the smart choice – they’re profitable, they aren’t cumbersome for small children, and the planning involved is minimal.  What more could you want?

Mark South
Easy Church Fundraising